Timvi - Team


You are probably used to seeing lots of smiles on competent faces that call you to invest in this or that particular product when you go to the “Team” section of any crypto project. The competence of these people is astounding and they seem to have credibility.

Lots of us have become used to crypto projects referring to various advisers. However, this job has already been almost completely deprecated by pseudo-advisers.

As a result, many projects that hide behind famous names and “impressive” competence turn out to be scams in the end. People lose their money and invested assets. We often judge a book by its cover, distracted from what is on the inside of the project and its mechanics.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) imply a complete absence of influence by the developer or any affiliates on the system.

DeFi platform Timvi with the Timvi (TMV) stablecoin tries to distance itself from personalities to give the users an opportunity to stay unbiased. The open-source code and documentation are to be the basis for project evaluation.

No one can create TMV tokens without collateral, no one can charge fees for emitting, depositing and using TMV tokens. All transactions with TMV are transparent and can be tracked via blockchain.

If someone offers you “funny money”, assuring you of its collateral and proving it with funds on their accounts, or if someone tells you about the voting in which 51% of the votes belong to the inner circle, ask yourself a simple question. Why do I trust this project?

Remember that only you emit TMV and you do so on your conditions. While the Timvi team provides useful financial tools for you.

We believe in decentralized finance and we are sure that real smart contracts are for smart users!