Timvi - TOption

We’re happy to announce that soon we’ll have one more financial tool on the Timvi platform — TOption!

TOption — is a contract which enables you to sell assets at a predetermined price. The price of an asset can differ from the market price.

The Emitter of a TOption agrees to buy/sell an asset with the Holder. The Holder of a TOption gets the right to buy/sell the asset. The Holder pays the Emitter a certain sum — a reward for the opportunity to carry out the transaction.

The Holder can refuse to buy/sell an asset, since the Holder doesn’t have this obligation, compared to the Emitter. Fulfillment of the terms of the contract can occur at any time before the specified day (an American type of an Option).

Types of Options: Call Option — the Emitter is obliged to sell an asset, and the Holder has the right to buy it. Put Option — the Holder gets an opportunity to sell an asset, and the Emitter has to buy it.

With the help of the TOption users will be able to fix the price of their assets at one level for some time in order to secure other users or hedge the risks of their assets. Moreover, we plan to make it possible to use TOption not only with TMV, but also with other popular cryptocurrencies based on Ethereum.