Timvi - Leverage

Leverage is a service for receiving funds in Ethereum (ETH) for a collateral in the same currency. It is helpful for saving user’s time. This procedure is much faster than opening a new TBox which is followed by withdrawing and selling Timvi (TMV). The allowed ‘leverage’ value in the system is up to 1,9.

The lifecycle of the service consists of two phases:
  • Request generation. The request for a leverage is generated, if the user wants to receive ETH for a collateral in the same currency, but recover the balance in TMV in order to get the ETH back.
  • Finding a counterparty (matching). The system finds a counterparty for the deal between the request generator and a user who is willing to provide the needed amount of ETH for TMV emitted in the newly opened TBox with the request generator’s collateral.

TMV emission = ETH sent for matching × internal exchange rate

The request generator becomes the owner of the new TBox.

The commission for the deal can vary from 0 to 10% and equals 0,5% by default. Both parties pay the commission: the provider pays it in TMV, the taker – in ETH.


Mike wants to receive ETH for an ETH collateral.

He generates a request and invites a counterparty to an exchange deal. Thus, Mike packs his ETH into a TBox, but he doesn’t receive TMV. Instead, he exchanges his TMV for Patrick’s ETH. As a result, counterparty Patrick has exchanged ETH to TMV, and Mike has received ETH and kept his TBox.