Timvi - Gate

Gate is a buyback of Timvi (TMV) at the system rate.

The service establishes two options:
  • Exchange of TMV to ETH. In this case the counterparty is the service itself. The amount of ETH is limited.
  • An exchange request of TMV to ETH. It is carried out by another user. Such a request is created in case if the amount of the ETH of the service is less than the volume of the request.

The user picked as the counterparty carries out the request and exchanges his/her ETH for TMV, thus carrying out another user’s request. When the transaction is executed the counterparty sends a fixed sum in ETH, which is enough to carry out the deal, + 2% from this sum as a return insurance sum. During the execution of the transaction, the deal’s sum can be increased equivalent to the return insurance sum. All funds which weren’t used in the deal process are returned to the counterparty’s wallet.

The service establishes customizable commissions from 0 to 10%. Right now the commission is 0,5%.

All users participating in the deal must pay the commission. It is charged in the currency, which user will receive after the deal is confirmed.


Mike wants to exchange his earned TMV to ETH. He can use the Gate service to do that. If his request does not exceed the available pool for purchasing TMV, then the exchange will take place immediately. In case if Mike wants to exchange a larger sum of TMV, then a request is created which any other user can support.