Timvi - Bounty program

Bounty program

Aim: rewarding those who test the system for finding bugs.
Timing: before the launch of the mainnet. Launch dates are regulated by the number of incoming applications.

Error grading

Types: 2 A categories - А1 and A2, where:
A1- potential breach,
А2- Errors in the mathematical model

Receiving the information

The URL on the site is used as an entry point. The URL leads to the Google form with certain fields.


As a reward for A and B we suggest to send a TBox without any amount of TMV with a locked equivalent of $ in ETH, and TMV in other cases.

For errors of the A type: up to 15000$
For errors of the B type: up to 1000$
For errors of the C type: up to 15 TMV

Statistical data

For the sake of transparency, an open public Google table will be kept. It will contain the addresses, type of an error and date of receiving the application. In the future, it will also keep records of payments with the numbers of the sent TBoxes.