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Timvi DAO

A socially oriented model of the project allows users not only to receive all services without commissions, but also to reduce costs using the cashback, as well as participate on an equal footing in the future of the project.

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TMV portal without commissions

Absolutely all commissions are disabled, use the services with pleasure and do not think about an additional fee.

Defi market with cashback

All received through the affiliate program, funds will be returned by the user, commissions are more profitable than others.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Transition to full decentralization, project management passes to users.

Earn with DeFi

Use this convenient DeFi platform to earn an annual interest, make investments, exchange assets and borrow funds to boost your profits.

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TMV portal
and p2p services

Get a DeFi app to issue collateralized stablecoins. Take an advantage of what p2p services have to offer and maximize your benefits.

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No Fees

No fees for the issue, use and storage of your Timvi (TMV) stablecoin. No fees for all p2p financial tools.


Each user can check the system data at any time. We do not store fiat money in the accounts of legal entities that require audits.

Extra Financial Tools

Earn with convenient and understandable financial tools: bonds, leverage and the unique recapitalization mechanics.