No Fees

No fees for the issue, use and storage of your Timvi (TMV) stablecoin


Each user can check the system data at any time. We do not store fiat money in the accounts of legal entities that require audits.

Extra Financial Tools

Earn with convenient and understandable financial tools: bonds, leverage and the unique recapitalization mechanics.

Math algorithms guarantee the system’s stability. Nobody but the users of the system can affect the system.
Emit the Timvi (TMV) stablecoin on your terms. Return TMV and withdraw your deposit anytime.
Earn Timvi (TMV) stablecoin by using convenient services both during bull and bear market.
Vault in the blockchain, where collateral funds are placed for issuing stablecoin as part of securing
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Structural crypto product based on a contract, the execution of which is regulated by a smart contract and provides for payment of annual interest.
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1 by 1
The operation allows the exchange of ETH to TMV at an internal fixed rate system.
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Service for receiving funds in ETH on the security in the same cryptocurrency.
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1 TMV = $1.

The objective price of the token is supported by the algorithms of the system and is not subject to significant fluctuations.