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  • Your computer must meet the following technical requirements:

    • CPU - Intel Core i3 2.0 GHz and more
    • Video card NVIDIA GeForce 8/9 Series, AMD Radeon HD 3000/4000 Series and more with memory space 512Mb minimum
    • RAM with 1024Mb of free memory
    • Disk space - 700Mb of free space
    • Operating system - Microsoft Windows 7 or Microsoft Windows 8

    If you are at work and unabled to log in Timvi, you should inform your System Administrator that the following ports should be open:

    • 80 (TCP)
    • 1000 (UDP)
    • 10100(TCP)
  • Timvi.
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    Quick Start
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    What is a VR space?
    It is a virtual, multidimensional area similar to a real one, where avatars of Timvi users interact.
    What is an avatar?
    It a virtual, multidimensional personal image of a Timvi user, to interact with other users.
    Can I create an avatar looking like me?
    Sure, you can. When you log in VR Timvi for the first time, you are in the avatar section, where you can use templates and create an avatar similar to you, dressing it as you wish. Later on you can change the avatar`s outfit.
    How to communicate in VR space?
    Sound works as in real space – according to the distance and acoustic. The volume depends on your proximity to the source of sound. If you are near the avatar of the person you are talking to, you will hear the person perfectly, but as farther you are from your partner, as worse the sound is. You can also use gestures like “yes”, “no”, “hello”, “applause” and other and communicate in video and text chats.
    What are interactive informers?
    These are tools to demonstrate and transfer various information in VR space among which are:
    • virtual screens for watching videos, TV broadcast, HTML pages and panoramic shoots
    • virtual screens for presentations, files and documents
    • terminals, providing files` download and access to them
    • informers in galleries to demonstrate images
    • Stands for textual, visual (HTML pages, video, graphics) and audio information about products and services (moreover, you can show VR models of your product in your personal branded room)
    • Informers for joint listening to audiofiles.
    • Informers for synchronized interactive show of weather broadcast and stock indexes.
    • Informers with electronic publications for joint viewing of electronic books, magazines, newspapers.
    • Audio informers for speech synthesis which voice texts (typed beforehand or typed online in Timvi)
    Do I buy ready-made VR rooms or just VR space to set it up?
    If you buy Timvi license, you get VR space with ready, specialized rooms. Only you and the users you invite get an access to it. We purposefully constructed common VR space for your convenience, you won’t spend your time and money thinking of its arrangement. At the same time you can easily adapt your VR space to any of needs, either choosing from ready-made rooms (Special VR locations) or downloading your branded content (logos, images, video, certificates, diplomas, patents, licenses etc. )
    What kinds of locations are there in Timvi?
    Both free of charge and on a paid basis, you get common VR locations such as a private office, the “Lomonosov” classroom, a cinema, a conference hall, and an exhibition hall. Everything is for your communication, study and work. There are also Special VR locations, which will be available to order from the 2nd quarter of 2014. From these Special VR locations you can choose virtual rooms according to your working area.
    Can I order a VR space or individual VR rooms with my personal design?
    Yes, you can order the whole VR space and/or individual rooms with your personal design (it is a personalized version). The price of such an order is discussed individually and depends on its difficulty. Please, contact our managers by phone +7 (495) 645 6 940, 8 (800) 555 8 105 or email
    What kinds of Special locations does Timvi have?
    Special VR locations will be available from the 3rd quarter of 2014. In the context of Special VR locations version you can choose virtual rooms according to your working area. Here you can see types of Special locations, which will be available in Timvi.
    I didn`t find a suitable room from offered ones. Is Timvi still appropriate to my company?
    Timvi can be used successfully practically in every sphere. Any business and almost any activity imply distant communication, learning, consulting; work with clients and partners, teambuilding and various events. VR-platform Timvi was constructed initially for these needs. We are absolutely sure that Timvi can be used extensively in your sphere as well to raise its efficiency.
    Where are Timvi`s cloud system VR spaces located?
    They are Microsoft Azure based. Microsoft and Avrorus are strategic partners. Data-centers of Microsoft meets the advanced safety requirements.
    Can VR-platform Timvi be installed on my servers?
    Yes, it can. If online-service Timvi based on Microsoft Azure is not suitable for some reason, it can be installed in your corporate network. Such installation is possible for individual projects.
    Who is the developer of Timvi?
    It is a team of Russian programmers from Moscow. Timvi is optimized for comfortable work of Russian users. Timvi has bilingual Russian-English interface with changeover bottom and Russian technical support. An official Timvi`s distributor is a Russian company Avrorus.
    What makes Timvi different from web seminars and videoconferences?
    Timvi is not a competitor to web seminars and videoconferences. They perfectly deal with tasks especially ones gathering huge audience like hundreds of people. But the key difference of Timvi is an ability to have a meeting, lesson, negotiations or any event online in the environment maximum close to real one. Current scientific researches show that the feeling of distance which takes place during the video communication, disappears if people gather in a common virtual territory. Timvi contributes to lively and open communication and raises the efficiency of interaction.
    What differs Timvi from other VR spaces and worlds?
    Timvi is a business project foremost, but not an entertaining. VR space you buy is not a part of some common virtual territory, but your private VR Business Space, only visitors you invite will get to your office centre. Moreover, you do not have to set up the territory, you get specialized VR rooms totally ready for work. There are also many communicative and navigation services for your comfortable work unlike in other VR spaces. You can design your space with any logos or images free of charge and whenever you wish to.
    What is the difference between Timvi and VR computer games?
    Timvi is not a game. Yes, it partly reminds a game, but it is your advantage and not disadvantage. Timvi extrapolate VR games` benefits such as fascinating format and openness of participants to business. That is to say, application of VR spaces is more and more in trend nowadays. It is connected, firstly, with wide opportunities it gives, and secondly, with young audience participating economic processes and VR space is a natural thing for the young generation today.
    How are investments paid off in Timvi?
    The matter is about millions of roubles a year saved on business trips, office rent, logistics and other expenses. Take into account your saved time, which is priceless, as you know.
    Will Timvi be convenient for my colleagues, partners and clients?
    According to focus groups` researches, communication in VR space was positively estimated by 95% of participants. About 50% of them would prefer a meeting in the VR space rather than a usual meeting. Certainly, nothing can replace a personal talk, but Timvi opens up new opportunities for studying, business and many other activities.
    How convenient is the navigation in Timvi?
    We created navigation in Timvi maximum simple and understandable for any age. VR Tami’s users are not required to have gamers’ skills. You don`t have to remember specific bottoms on keyboard because you can operate clicking your mouse. The keyboard is needed only to type the message in the text chat or to write a web address in the line of a web pages informer.
    How many users can communicate at the same time in Timvi?
    It depends on the Pricing you have chosen. Timvi suits perfectly for communication in little groups up to 10 people. In terms of groups more than 10 people, it is possible to order this option individually. Such limitation deals with simultaneous presence in Timvi, but you are able to give access for many people at different time.
    How can I invite my client or partner to TimvI?
    You partner registers in and downloads the program Timvi (download finishes in 2-5 minutes). After that it will be possible to enter the program clicking the icon.
    Is it possible to hold confidential meetings in Timvi?
    Yes, it is. You can limit the access of other users to your VR classroom or negotiation room if you close glass doors and none will be able to open them or hear your talk. If you don’t want to be seen, you can also close curtains.
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