Become a partner

Become a partner

VR Timvi is social network in the form of virtual reality, where the number of users is growing rapidly. Most VR Timvi users are active and progressive people from 18 to 45 years, using the latest technology and gadgets in everyday life.

Especially for manufacturers and content providers of electronic products and services we have developed Timvi.Store. On this marketplace you will be able to realize your courses, lectures, services and any products in electronic form (manuals, training materials,software products books, movies) - practically anything. VR Timvi users will see your offers and will be able to purchase them online.

Any organization (legal entity) can become a Partner of VR Timvi. To do this, simply fill out the form available on this page for the passage of moderation. Remember that when you place the offers you must respect the laws of the Russian Federation "On Advertising" and "On Copyright".

Do not miss the new opportunities that virtual reality opens up for your business!
Expand the auditory of your customers and find new customers on Timvi.Store!

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