Your personal virtual space
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Timvi is a realistic online interaction while studying, doing business or practicing medicine.

Try out

a new fascinating VR format reproducing a real-life atmosphere of communication and team-work

Arrange meetings

with your friends, watch films and TV shows together, discuss your photos and listen to music. You can do everything online from anywhere in the world in your personal VR space – cinema, exhibition hall and other VR locations

Have classes

with private tutors in your classroom, work with your colleagues and make money with business partners in VR office, classroom or conference hall.

Make money

holding your distant consultations or sellings, lessons and workshops, reduce renting and logistics costs, save on business trips. And finally, forget about traffic jams.
Arrange meetings
with your friends, watch films and photos with them in the VR cinema
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Timvi for communication

Meet and communicate online

with your friends, colleagues and business partners from anywhere in the world with the feeling of a real presence.

Watch movies

TV shows or broadcasting of sports events together.

Share and discuss

your photos and videos, listen to music.

We offer you

a private VR space with a cinema hall, an exhibition hall and other VR locations.
Have classes
and work in VR classrooms, arrange your distant courses and trainings
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Timvi for education


your distant learning courses, workshops or seminars in Timvi with the feeling of a real presence.


the number of your clients gathering students all over the world for distance learning with the help of effective VR format.


the quality and so far the profitability of your teaching by inviting international high qualified professors.
Make money
online consulting and selling in your VR office, economize on rent
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Timvi for business

Earn money

consulting your clients from anywhere in the world in your private branded VR office.


your product/service to clients with all its benefits in virtual showrooms.


the number of your clients from other cities and countries and without opening a real office for that.


your time and money on rent, IT infrastructure and never-ending business trips.
and make your brightest ideas a reality with Timvi
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Timvi for realization of your ideas


private VR space to realize your ideas and plans. Timvi allows unlimited room for your creativity!


your commercial exhibitions, conferences, festivals, online shows and many other distant activities, available for companies and Internet users all over the world.


a new communicative tool which corresponds to the era of social networks, mobile gadgets and skydrive.